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Timing and tempo control is at the heart of delivering the energy in the edit.  Then set the tone and support the subject by balancing the colors in the scene to understand what the subject is feeling.


There are sensations to be experienced through the motion of elements. Understand the movement and amplify the meaning of your directive.


The art of compositing elements together… the blending of edges, the balancing of color, the layering of textures… all to evoke an emotion around the key subject.

Interesting Fun-Facts About Editology

 •   Got his start in the business when he handed in his baseball uniform to the athletic director at college and the AD gave him the phone number of recent graduate working as a PA on NBC Sports Olympic Division.  Soon after Ron was hired as an event logger and PA at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain .


  Editology’s name was brainstormed from a producer at PBS, after challenging Ron to make an edit better than 2 previous editors that had come up short.  Immediately after watching Ron’s version, Evan began to shout… “Ron L Humer, you’re a scientist, no, you’re L Ron Hubbard, Scientology, No you’re Editology!


  Director Rick Lewis and Ron Humer were tasked to handle some production and all post production for a video project to persuade the governor of New Jersey to build a large entertainment venue right in the middle of the Meadowlands.   We produced a 17 min video with prominent architects, actors and politicians that explained the benefits of the Meadowlands Xanadu and succeeded.


  In July of 1996,  Ron was the online editor for the very first video that would launch Viacom’s Mtv2 channel.  The first music video that would play immediately after would be Beck’s “Where It’s At.”


  In 2010 & 2011, producer extraordinaire Elana Baumgarten hired Ron Humer to collaborate on the campaign launch for 2 new Nickelodeon shows, Team Umizoomi & Bubble Guppies. Those 2 successful programs just completed a long run on air in 2023.


  While working at Mtv, Ron met Nelson who worked at Nickelodeon on the same floor.  Nelson invited Ron to his wedding where he met his love of his life, Deirdre.  Not only did he fall in love with her but she was also a perfect compliment numerically.  His birthday is 03-03 and her’s is 03-30 in the same year…. They also were both living on 22nd street in NYC when they met.  They now have 3 kids.  Three is a magic number.


  Ron’s been working closely on and off of 30 years with the NY Giants.  The best gift not only a close working employee can receive, better yet a long time fan was that when the Giants asked Ron to work the Super Bowl in 2007. He accompanied the team on the plane, in the hotel, at Media Day, at breakfast and then on the field for the big game.  And as luck has it, was there when the confetti flew in red and blue, and shared the special moment videotaping the players after the game and at the party back in the hotel.


•   Ron began his editing career as an offline tape to tape editor, evolved to digital tape as an online editor, and then switched to non-linear Media 100 in 1996.  In 2004, he switched over to Final Cut Pro and then dabbled with Adobe Premiere.  In 2016 he took a leap of faith with the every popular and quickly growing Davinci Resolve.  He was so impressed that he followed up with BM and they invited Ron to be certified in all aspects of the program in order to be able to train future trainers.  The courses were talk by one of the industry’s best instructors in Jeff Goldberg and after the learning was complete Jeff referred Ron to be a Blackmagic Design ambassador for them at NAB in 2019 in which he showcased the BM Editor’s keyboard at the conference. 

• Ron grew up on the Jersey Shore and during the summer would boogie board at Loch Arbor beach to some 3-7 foot waves.   He understood about patience while waiting for the right  waves to ride all the way to the shore.   After 28 years the perfect wave came to an end with the closing of Showtime Networks and Showtime Boxing.  It was an incredible experience with the best producers and designers collaborating on hundreds of original series promos, trailers, and network brand campaigns.  One of the most thrilling responsibilities was collaborating with managing director Joe Jacovino on editing all of their live boxing events including PPV Mayweather vs Pacquaio, Canelo vs Charlo, and Spence vs Crawford.  They partnered to produce and edit hundreds of cutdowns to showcase on Showtime, Showtime Extreme, BET and distribute to partners before the next big fight.  Sometimes they were asked to export a boxing match to be used on television screens on the set for Showtime shows like Ray Donovan and .   

•   What is the most important question someone in New York wants to know about you?  Where do your affiliations lie?  Ron is a GIANTS, METS, RANGERS, NETS, REDBULL combination.


Our Process


Walk away from your computer. Drive in the car or just go for a walk… concentrate on the subjects and their relationship with each other.  The genuine solution is inherit in the nature of the subjects.

Research & Experimenting

Best part of the project. Just playing with combinations and looking out for the sparks that might happen.

Edit & Design

Execute the plan as fast as you can. Then assess whether to rebuild or tweak the issues.   Remember there are more than one way to do it.


Where would you like to see it….  Jumbotron, TV, Phone, Computer?   Adjust the technical to experience the aesthetical.